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New "Kahnversations" Podcast with Writer/Comedian Dani Fernandez!

In this episode of "Kahnversations," we interview Dani Fernandez.

Dani is a writer, comedian, and host whose work can be seen on Fullscreen, New Form, HyperRPG, Valiant Digital Comics, Epic Meal Time, Geek & Sundry, Funimation, Sourcefed, Screen Junkies, Cracked.com, and VH1. She has written and performed at Tournament of Nerds at the Upright Citizens Brigade, Cracked.com LIVE, The Comedy Store’s ROAST BATTLE and THE HISTORICAL ROAST at Meltdown. Dani has also been a panelist and moderator discussing the importance of diversity in television & film at San Diego Comic Con, WonderCon, and Stan Lee's LA Comic Con. She is currently in a serious relationship with her dog. Wait, that sounds weird. 

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There are so many inspiring podcasts with fabulous stars out there. But their careers feel light years away from ours, don’t they? Wouldn’t it be great to hear from the guy who just booked his first pilot? Or the kid finally doing a studio pic after a bunch of low budget indies? Or the woman who’s been a series regular a few times but is only now becoming a name? What about the guy who’s been on a show for years and you know his face but what’shisnameagain? Or that actress who is now a freakin’ showrunner???? How’d THEY do it, right? How did they transition from relative obscurity, bartending and bottle service, to buying that house in Brentwood? We’re producing “Kahnversations,” a podcast that provides access to THOSE people -- your immediate predecessors -- so that you can learn from them while their battle scars are still fresh.

In “Kahnversations,” our own Ryan Bailey interviews some of Lesly Kahn & Company’s working actors, directors, and writers in order to learn how they got started in Hollywood, the challenges and hurdles they faced, and how they overcame the odds. (They also dish out some crazy stories!) Listen in and enjoy as these entertainers speak candidly about their paths, processes, and experiences. You might even hear a bit about how Lesly and the Kahnstitute have influenced and shaped their careers.

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