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Kahnversations with Special Guest Sally Pressman!!!

Have you been listening to the inspiring and educational podcasts from the likes of Mark Maron and Jimmy Carrane (among others)? They interview wildly successful performers like Jon Favreau and Carl Reiner. And they’re great. But sometimes it feels like their careers are so faaaaaaar away and out of reach. It would be so cool to have heard them speak like right after they got their first big break – to connect the dots and figure out how they did it. But those podcasts aren’t out there yet. Or are they?


Yup! They are! Our own, brilliant Ryan Bailey has begun interviewing our own success stories! They talk about how they got their start, their challenges and hurdles, how they overcame the odds, their crazy on-set stories, and sometimes how Lesly and the Kahnstitute have influenced and shaped their careers.


Kahnversations is an informal podcast that asks a handful of our more notorious actors about their experiences acting in Hollywood and their time training with the one and only Lesly Kahn.


Listen in as these actors dish it all, in a casual interview format. Follow along and enjoy a loose conversation about the actor and their process and how one small, yet mighty, lady influenced them through her non-method and lots of tough love.


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The first of this podcast series is an interview with actor Sally Pressman (ARMY WIVES and this year’s high profile pilot, JOE, JOE, AND JANE), a Kahnstituent since 2005.


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