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In this episode of "Kahnversations," we interview Matt Czuchry.

After graduating college in May of 1999 with B.A. degrees in History and Political Science from College of Charleston, Matt was set on law school as his next life path.  But when thinking of his true passion, he was brought back to the indelible memories of his childhood.  Moments etched on his heart such as exiting a dilapidated movie theatre crying inconsolably after experiencing E.T.: THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL, or running around in his purple dyed underwear smashing couches while watching THE INCREDIBLE HULK on TV.  When thinking of his adult life, Czuchry could not ignore the magical moments captured through story, imagination, and character that had impacted his youth with such pure happiness.

This childlike love of movies and television, combined with his horrible Law School Admission Test scores, pushed Matt’s gut towards an unexpected career choice.  In September of 1999, Czuchry took one of the most important risks of his life and decided to pursue a profession in acting.  On a perfectly nondescript Wednesday morning, Matt filled his car with everything he owned and left his hometown in Tennessee for a new life in California.  Since completing that life changing drive from Johnson City to Los Angeles, Czuchry has worked with Oscar® winners, Emmy® winners, and Tony Award® winners, while establishing himself as a leading man through credits spanning theatre, television, and film.

Just one month after arriving on the West Coast, Matt found himself working with actor James Franco and writers Paul Feig, Mike White, and Judd Apatow in a small role on the critical darling FREAKS AND GEEKS.  Czuchry’s work on the classic fan favorite would turn into a major guest starring arc in the DAWSON'S CREEK spinoff series titled YOUNG AMERICANS, starring actress Kate Bosworth.  Although this show itself was short lived, Matt’s work on the project would garner the necessary attention to further his early career with the best creative minds in the business on television shows such as David E. Kelley’s THE PRACTICE and films like EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS, starring Scarlett Johansson.

Two key television series, HACK and GILMORE GIRLS, would propel Czuchry’s early career towards leading man status.  While playing swindling thief Jamie Farrel on the series HACK from 2003-2004, Matt was able to hone his craft by learning from the show’s stars, Drama Desk Award winner David Morse and Emmy® winner Andre Braugher.  His work on HACK readied Czuchry for his breakout performance on the critically acclaimed hit GILMORE GIRLS.  From 2005-2007 Matt embodied the role of billionaire newspaper heir Logan Huntzberger.  For his work on the beloved series, Czuchry would go on to be nominated for three Teen Choice awards while gaining press in countless magazines and popularity on television sets across the globe.

After completing his three year run on GILMORE GIRLS in 2007, Czuchry matured in his craft by choosing work in different genres spanning theatre, television, and film.  In September of 2007, Czuchry was on stage in the title role of Third, alongside Oscar® winner Christine Lahti, in Wendy Wasserstein’s West Coast premier of the play by the same name.  He followed this performance at the Geffen Theatre with a recurring arc on the Emmy® winning series FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS.  In 2008, Matt took on the controversial lead character of Tucker Max in the movie adaptation of the New York Times best selling book, I HOPE THEY SERVE BEER IN HELL.  Although the public’s response to the comedy was divisive, Czuchry’s performance was lauded by critics such as Owen Gleiberman in Entertainment Weekly who wrote, “Matt Czuchry, in a star performance, plays Tucker like a Ferris Bueller who bloomed into a charming sociopath.” Czuchry’s varied performances and choices across all genres in different mediums from 2007-2008 led to an offer to play the role of a manipulative lawyer in the two-time Emmy® nominated THE GOOD WIFE.

Matt's seven seasons as Cary Agos on CBS Television’s THE GOOD WIFE (2009-2016) firmly established him as a leading man and a rising star while also earning him prestigious recognition from both The Hollywood Reporter and Variety’s annual Emmy® Contenders lists in 2015. Prior to these honors Czuchry won the Entertainment Weekly Best Supporting Actor EWwy Award (2011), received nominations for three consecutive SAG Ensemble Awards (2009-2011), and also garnered the highest praises from numerous critics such as David Hiltbrand of The Philadelphia Inquirer who wrote “Czuchry may be the best young actor on TV.”  Matt Richenthal of TV Fanatic further affirmed those sentiments by stating, “Cary is played brilliantly by Czuchry with the right combination of swagger, confidence, and vulnerability.”  Matt’s tireless dedication to his craft on THE GOOD WIFE, and over the course of his career, led to a defining performance on one of TV’s best shows while working alongside multiple-award winners Archie Panjabi, Christine Baranski, Julianna Margulies, Chis Noth, Josh Charles, Alan Cumming, Michael J. Fox, Matthew Perry, and F. Murray Abraham.

In 1999, Matt Czuchry took a life changing risk by following his passion and gut to pursue his love of story, imagination, and character.  Today, Czuchry surrounds himself with the great talents of stage, television, and film on some of the most desirable projects in the entertainment industry, in an effort to make his own indelible mark on the hearts of others.  As Matt continues to tirelessly study his craft, he sets his sights on even greater career heights.  Knowing that his past work has laid the groundwork for future success, but each new performance and project choice demands an even better excellence.

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