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Actor Eric Ladin from TV's The Killing, Mad Men, and Boardwalk Empire!!!

NEW “Kahnversations” Podcast

with Actor Eric Ladin!


“Kanversations” are interviews with some of our more notorious actors about their experiences in Hollywood. They talk about how they got started, their challenges and hurdles, and how they overcame the odds. You’ll hear some crazy stories and reflections upon how Lesly and the Kahnstitute have influenced and shaped their careers.

In this installment of “Kahnversations,” the amazing Ryan Bailey interviews incredible actor Eric Ladin(Kahnstituent since 2002). Eric’s vast body of work includes HBO’s GENERATION KILL, AMC’s MAD MEN, and THE KILLING. Also, he will soon be seen on HBO’s BOARDWALK EMPIRE as J. Edgar Hoover!

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